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Guardians Frontline Arrives Next Month On Quest and PC VR

Guardians Frontline Arrives Next Month On Quest and PC VR

Guardians Frontline is almost here – Fast Travel Games confirmed that the FPS and RTS hybrid hits Quest and PC VR on March 9.

Originally released as Guardians VR on App Lab, SideQuest and Steam Early Access, developer VirtualAge took direct inspiration from Halo and Starcraft with Guardians Frontline, which significantly expands upon the original version. Offering a single-player mode, four-player co-op and an eight-player PvP mode, the game also features an in-game level editor and custom maps can be shared with other players. Here’s the official description:

With a dangerous alien onslaught looming, players must take control of the battlefield to protect the federation as they work to extract a mysterious power source. Strategically place buildings for cover, call in space crafts for air support, or face the enemy head-on with powerful heavy weapons.

“Every encounter in Guardians Frontline is unpredictable,” claimed Carles Ballabriga, CEO of VirtualAge, in a prepared statement. “The strategy that worked for your first game isn’t guaranteed to work on the second, third, or even fourth game. Think outside the box, be creative, and give all of its mechanics a try to find the best combination to succeed.”

We went hands-on with Guardians Frontline last September, believing it offered a promising halfway point between the FPS and RTS genres. Calling Frontline “more than the sum of its parts,” we weren’t completely sold on the FPS mechanics but praised its strategic gameplay. “Individually, the FPS gameplay isn’t terribly exciting but it compliments the strategic side well, offering a nice change of pace.”

Guardians Frontline arrives on March 9 on Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR for $24.99.

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