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Google and Jaunt to Collaborate on "High End Cinematic VR Experiences"

Google and Jaunt to Collaborate on "High End Cinematic VR Experiences"

At IO, Google made it clear that they were getting serious about VR content creation announcing a partnership with GoPro to create a camera system for VR they are calling Jump.

It seems however that push doesn’t end there. Today, Jaunt announced that they would be partnering with Google to produce “high-end cinematic VR content.” The partnership makes Jaunt the “preferred VR content creator for Google and its partners.”

Currently, Jaunt has over a dozen experiences on the Google Play Store including the Paul McCartney concert experience but this partnership will allow them to create much more content.

“We’re extremely proud of the quality we have achieved in live-action cinematic VR—and we’re eager to get it in front of a growing VR fan base,” said Jens Christensen, CEO and Co-Founder of Jaunt. “Google is uniquely positioned to amplify user adoption. So we’re thrilled to work with them to deliver stunning, best-in-class VR experiences to audiences all around the world.”

This isn’t the first interaction between the two companies either. Google’s investment arm, Google Ventures, was one of the company’s series B investors. We have reached out to Jaunt for further information about what content the partnership might yield, as well as to see if the partnership puts an end to Jaunt’s hardware ambitions (which we doubt) and at the time of publishing are awaiting a response. We will be sure to report back with more information as it becomes available.



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