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Gnomes & Goblins ‘Coming Soon’ After Years In Hibernation

Gnomes & Goblins ‘Coming Soon’ After Years In Hibernation

Nearly four years after a small but charming preview project called Gnomes & Goblins appeared on Steam, Wevr and Madison Wells Media Interactive are planning to release an expanded version later this year.

The companies shared the latest trailer for Gnomes & Goblins with us for the UploadVR Summer Showcase, offering glimpses of this magical world only hinted at in 2016. You can see fields, rivers and congregations of creatures in new environments that may finally give us a deeper understanding of the relationship between the goblins and gnomes, as well as the world they inhabit.

The project was originally conceived in collaboration with Jon Favreau, the actor and director who has since gone on to incorporate virtual reality deep into the production of movies and TV show like The Lion King and The Mandalorian. In the case of the latter, it is no coincidence the now-famous “Baby Yoda” Star Wars character resembles the goblins in this earlier VR project. That’s because Favreau himself originally sketched the big ears and expressive eyes for Wevr and MWMI’s Gnomes & Goblins. In other words, you might think of the cute character who reacts to your behavior, and picks up an acorn in this trailer, as a kind of proto-Baby Yoda.

Check out the new trailer here: 

Wevr is the studio behind theBlu — a project that started as one of the earliest demos for room-scale consumer VR while offering an up close encounter with a gigantic whale. More recently, that project was expanded and became an attraction at Dreamscape Immersive.

We’ll bring you details as we learn more about the expanded version of Gnomes & Goblins.

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Update: Article updated after publication to note MWMi’s involvement in the production.

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