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Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Will Launch With Hand Tracking Support On Quest 2

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Will Launch With Hand Tracking Support On Quest 2

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, the upcoming VR roguelite from Fast Travel Games, will include hand-tracking support on Meta Quest 2 at launch.

First revealed in September, Ghost Signal is a new spin-off set within Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris universe. Here, you’ll search for the eponymous Ghost Signal, a mysterious transmission broadcasting from the depths of space. During the Upload VR 2022 Winter Showcase, Christopher Smith, Lead Designer at Fast Travel Games, revealed Ghost Signal will join a growing list of Quest 2 hand tracking games.

“Today, I’m happy to announce that Ghost Signal will support Hand Tracking 2.0 at launch, allowing you to play the full game in an intuitive way without the use of controllers,” Smith announced during the Showcase, before outlining how hand tracking will work in-game. Turning your hands palm-up will access menus and dragging a closed fist will let you move around your environment, alongside open-palm aiming to scan and pinch gestures to shoot.

Ghost Signal takes a significantly different approach from its 4X grand strategy predecessor. Captaining the Aurora, this plays out through randomized runs, giving you unique mission paths which vary between combat encounters, special events, shopping for upgrades and more.

We went hands-on with Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game at Gamescom 2022,  and after our brief demo we concluded that Fast Travel’s upcoming roguelite looks promising:

“Ghost Signal shows potential. Using the existing Stellaris IP is an interesting decision and the diorama setup feels reminiscent of successful tabletop games like Demeo. It will be exciting to see whether Ghost Signal finds an audience and fills a hole in the VR roguelike genre.”

We don’t have pricing details yet, but Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Story launches early 2023 on Meta Quest 2.

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