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Ghost League On Oculus Quest Feels Like Spider-Man Meets Parkour

Ghost League On Oculus Quest Feels Like Spider-Man Meets Parkour

Ghost League is one of the latest and most promising new games to hit Oculus Quest via sideloading on SideQuest. It’s a multiplayer sports game that mixes flinging, swinging, jet packs, and more for high-flying fun.

The Ghost League free pre-alpha demo available on SideQuest right now is a single player experience with two levels and a practice lobby to show off the features and gameplay basics in the racing focused game mode. When it fully launches it will be a multiplayer experience and will also include a battle royale mode.

Gameplay looks a lot like Sprint Vector with the insane speed, mixed with a bit of Spider-Man and parkour for good measure. The HUD does a good job of grounding you with overlays and near-field objects that should ideally alleviate motion sickness. But if you have a weak stomach, we’d advise you tread carefully here.

This isn’t a wholly original game, but there isn’t anything quite like this on Quest at the moment. Even as a solo practice course it’s fun to try and get better times so I can only imagine how much more intense it would be with other players to compete against.

Since Ghost League is not on the official Quest store, the only way to access it is via sideloading on SideQuest. Using SideQuest is very easy though, you can reference our guide if it’s your first time using the app.

For more details on Ghost League you can visit the official website, SideQuest page, Discord channel, and subreddit. The developers plan to eventually launch a Kickstarter campaign as well to help fund development. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!


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