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GDC 2017: Star Trek Bridge Crew Will Have '40 Plus Hours' of Gameplay

GDC 2017: Star Trek Bridge Crew Will Have '40 Plus Hours' of Gameplay

During a press briefing at GDC 2017, Ubisoft’s VP of Digital Publishing, Chris Early revealed that the highly anticipated VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is going to be a “40 plus hour experience.”

According to Early, these hours will be distributed over the course of several different game modes. There will be “scripted missions” that follow a more linear story path and give you the chance to follow a cohesive chain of events. And there will also be the non-linear “Ongoing Voyages” mode that provides randomized missions to dive into solo or with friends

These ongoing missions will be procedurally generated, according to Early and will follow the “classic” Star Trek recipe. Start with one bold space exploring crew, add one unexpected challenge, add in a dash of last minute crisis and solve for X. Early expects that fans of the source material will be thrilled by the types of missions and various aesthetic touches in Bridge Crew.

“It’s really just pure Star Trek. We really wanted to take that typical chain of events and translate it into a really fun and satisfying VR game,” Early said.

Bridge Crew puts you in a seat on the bridge of a Federation starship. You will be put in charge of one specific portion of the ship: weapons, transporters, engines etc. Your job is to execute your role at the right time and in the right way in order to complete the mission and keep your ship from being blown out of the cosmos.

Here’s the official synopsis for Bridge Crew:

Developed specifically for VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will immerse you in the Star Trek universe. Explore a largely uncharted sector of space known as The Trench with your friends on board of the USS Aegis. In co-op, form a crew of four players to serve in the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical or Engineer.

Now there’s even more to get excited about for our Most Anticipated Game of 2016, but we’re going to have to anticipate it for a while now. Bridge Crew was recently delayed again to a May 30, 2017 release date. We’ll give Ubisoft all the Federation Credits we have if they don’t delay it again.

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