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Watch 9 Minutes Of Until You Fall Sword-Fighting Gameplay

Watch 9 Minutes Of Until You Fall Sword-Fighting Gameplay

Schell Games new swordfighting title Until You Fall should enter early access on Aug. 27 and we’ve captured our first gameplay footage.

Until You Fall gives the player some warning when attacks are coming and shows players where to place their swords to hold off the enemy. This leads players to learn the rhythm of combat as you upgrade your weapons over time.

We’re still getting the hang of it all but we were able to capture our first gameplay footage and some of the enemies you’ll encounter in the game. It is currently optimized for Rift and Vive, according to Schell Games, with an update for Valve Index likely shortly after the early access launch.

The footage below was captured on a Rift S.

If you’re interested in talking with the developers behind Until You Fall there’s also a Discord group for the game. In case you are unfamiliar, Pittsburgh-based Schell Games is the studio behind I Expect You To Die — one of VR’s highest selling games and a title which is even better on the recently released Oculus Quest standalone system. The studio recently added a whole new level to IEYTD and hinted at what could be more added down the line.

We’ll bring you more gameplay and news about Until You Fall as it heads toward early access release. Look for it on Steam on August 27 or you can wishlist it now.

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