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GameCast: 'The Unspoken' Creative Director Talks VR Sorcery

GameCast: 'The Unspoken' Creative Director Talks VR Sorcery

Hello friends!

This week’s installment of the UploadVR GameCast chronicles one man’s downward spiral into loneliness, depression, and – ultimately – ice cream.

David is out of town this week because he had to “get married” and “take my honeymoon” and “Joe you seriously need to stop crying I’ll be back in like two weeks.”

The show must go on, however, and so I bravely soldiered forth to bring you episode five all on my own.

Waring: The following is Joe Durbin without limit or restraint. Things might get weird down there so please proceed with caution if you have a weak constitution or do not enjoy feeling sympathy for grown, adult men.

UploadVR GameCast – Ep. 5: Riding Solo and Sorcery Street Fights

Joe Durbin – UploadVR Staff Writer and GameCast Host,

Joe Durbin – All alone

Joe Durbin– David please come back


Will Mason – UploadVR’s Editor-In-Chief

Jason Evangelho – Forbes Video Game Writer and Presence Host


Chad Dezern: Creative Director, Insomniac Games

In this episode, Joe is joined by himself and experiences several levels of existential crisis while also going over the top VR gaming news of the week.

Then, Will and Jason take you inside the recent Insomniac special event where the Ratchet and Clank developer announced three new VR titles. Easily the most anticipated of these games is the sorcery simulator The Unspoken. Our two intrepid reporters talked two on one with The Unspoken‘s creative director Chad Dezern.

Some highlights include:

– Joe realizing he is spending his birthday alone recording a podcast…and being surprisingly okay with it.

-Mr. Dezern providing over thirty minutes of insights into the VR specific development and unique gameplay of The Unspoken.

-David abandoning Joe for a girl. It’s a story as old as time.

We are also just a few small steps away from completing a submittable feed and getting this thing up on iTunes, Stitcher, and any other podcast service you can think of!

The last step is implementing download links like the one below. Click if if you’d like. I hear if you do there’s a slim chance that you’ll be granted eternal life. Couldn’t hurt to try right?

Download GameCast Ep. 5

See you all next week for Episode 6!

P.S. Sincere congratulations to David and Valleri Jagneaux! Married April 16, 2016.



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