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Fruit Ninja VR's Halloween Update Includes Contest for Rare Bat Blade

Fruit Ninja VR's Halloween Update Includes Contest for Rare Bat Blade

Fruit Ninja has had a long and fun journey from being a mobile hit to one of the most addicting VR attractions around. The game is a sword-wielding party game tasking players with slicing up fruit in various settings. There are several modes, including a Zen Mode for peaceful stress relief with no time limits or challenges, and the Fruit Ninja VR developers are adding a few updates for Halloween.

The Fruit Ninja VR Dojo is receiving a visual overhaul with creepy sound effects layered on. A special rare bat blade has been introduced to the game and the top 400 for the Halloween themed leaderboard will be able to place the sword on a new blade stand. The Halloween themed leaderboard is called Possessed Pumpkin and involves a unique “soul task” for players which keeps track of how many possessed pumpkins players dissect. We previously reported on a VR pumpkin carving contest from SculptVR and Fruit Ninja VR’s own contest even has a unique narrative tied in:

400 Bat Blades were found by Sensei himself deep within a damp, dark basement not far from the Dojo this Halloween. No one really knows how they ended up there, who they once belonged to and the spookiest unanswered question yet is how long they’ve been a secret for? These swords that aluminate lime green in colour when a Ninja wields them in Frenzy Mode, were too enigmatic to be kept underground. They now make up the perfect prize for the 400 top soul releasers in Fruit Ninja VR’s new Possessed Pumpkin Tournament.  

While the game is currently in Early Access, it already has refined gameplay elements with a diverse set of game modes including the trusted Classic, Arcade, and Survival. The Possessed Pumpkin tournament is already underway and runs until November 7th.

Fruit Ninja VR is available on Steam for $14.99 and is officially supported for the HTC Vive. You can read our review here.

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