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Fruit Ninja VR 2 Slices Up A Full Release In Spring 2023

Fruit Ninja VR 2 Slices Up A Full Release In Spring 2023

Following an early access launch, Halfbrick Studios confirms Fruit Ninja VR 2 will fully release on Steam and “Oculus platforms” in Spring 2023.

First released in 2021 through Steam, Fruit Ninja VR 2 initially targeted a mid-2022 launch before being pushed back in Halfbrick’s 2022 roadmap, and there’s been a steady string of updates ever since. While the new trailer states it’s coming in “Early 2023,” Halfbrick later clarified the full release arrives in Spring 2023, introducing archery to classic swordplay and a multiplayer challenge mode, Apple Head. You can watch both in action below:

We enjoyed the first game in our Fruit Ninja VR review in 2016, calling it a “fun casual VR experience” that adapted the original mobile game well. Though we believed the physics were sometimes off, we concluded that it’s “tons of fun to play in its own right.”

While Fruit Ninja VR is incredibly addicting, easy to jump into for newcomers, and tons of fun to play in its own right, it does feel a bit shallow in its current state. You can expect it to grow significantly over time considering it already has a strong foundation. Halfbrick Studios have proven that Fruit Ninja VR is the prime example of how to take a simple concept and adapt it to the uniquely immersive medium of virtual reality.

Fruit Ninja VR 2 is available now for PC VR via Steam early access for $19.99, while the full version arrives in Spring 2023. While a Meta Quest release was previously announced for App Lab, those plans were later dropped due to Quest 1 “performance concerns,” citing App Lab’s requirement to run on all Quest headsets. However, it’s still coming to Quest 2.

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