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Fruit Ninja VR 2 Sets Dec 3 Early Access Release For PC VR, Quest App Lab In 2022

Fruit Ninja VR 2 will release in Early Access for PC VR via Steam on December 3, with a Quest App Lab release coming in 2022.

The sequel to the original mobile-turned-VR game was announced quietly by developers Halfbrick earlier this year in June, with a demo dropping last month as part of Steam Next Fest.

Here’s a quick summary from Halfbrick on what to expect from the sequel:

Fruit Ninja VR 2 has all the arcade fruit-slashing fun of the original combined with the Fruitar Hero rhythm mode of popular mobile game Fruit Ninja 2. Use your blade to slash fruit as it flies at you to the rhythm of the music. Simple on the surface, but deceptively skilful.

The sequel also incorporates a new bow weapon and archery mechanics, allowing you to shoot fruit as it flies through the air. There’s five areas in the game — The Gardens, Archery Range, Gutsu’s Lagoon, the Social Hub and the Dojo.

The latter doja area is a hub area, where you’ll be able to store and display cosmetic bows and blades, unlockable with in-game tokens. There will be no in-game purchases.

While the PC VR release was confirmed a number of months ago, up until now we had heard nothing about a Quest or PSVR release. While the latter is still up in the air, Halfbrick did confirm a Quest release in the Early Access announcement, stating that Fruit Ninja VR 2 will be coming to Quest in 2022 through App Lab.

Fruit Ninja VR 2 launches on Steam in Early Access for PC VR on December 3.

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