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Formula Retro Racing - World Tour Expands PC VR Support With Kickstarter Campaign

Formula Retro Racing - World Tour Expands PC VR Support With Kickstarter Campaign

Reminiscent of Daytona USA and Virtua Racing, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is a new retro-themed arcade racer that hopes to expand its VR support through a new Kickstarter campaign. 

Developed by Repixel8, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is a 90s-style arcade racer. Promising multiple game modes, split-screen multiplayer and optional PC VR support, publisher CGA Studios is now seeking to raise £10,000 ($12,369) through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. That goes live on February 1 and, as confirmed through a press release, these funds would support adding online multiplayer, an expanded VR mode, and more. You can read the full details regarding VR support below:

This additional funding will be invested in adding extra content which includes online multiplayer, new content created from backer suggestions and an expansion of the game’s new VR mode. Using VR compatible headsets, players will be able to place themselves at the center of the action. Watch cars zoom past in your side window, or find the perfect overtake angle when approaching competitors from behind – experience it all from the cockpit of your car. 

CGA Studio are thrilled to be working alongside Repixel8 again, bringing our experience of making VR racing games to the old school retro arcade genre,” confirmed CGA’s managing director, Jon Wetherall, in a prepared statement. “We’re fans of classic racers and think this project brings the best components of the genre together in an elevated way for new platforms.”

Like any Kickstarter campaign, we recommend caution before pledging your money. Kickstarter is not a preorder system, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you pledged.

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour arrives on March 31 through Steam Early Access, and a PC VR-supported demo is available now. Alongside Switch and Xbox One, it’s also coming to PS4 and PS5, though there’s currently no word on PSVR or PSVR 2 support. We’ve reached out to CGA Studio for comment on supported platforms, and we’ll update this if we learn more.

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