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ForeVR Invites You To Suck It! Today On Quest & SteamVR

ForeVR Suck It! key art

ForeVR swaps sports games for vacuum cleaners with Suck It!, and an open beta begins today on Quest and SteamVR.

As an employee of S.U.C.K. (Superstellar Universal Cleaning Korp), ForeVR's latest game equips you with a high-tech intergalactic vacuum cleaner to grab anything that fits, flying around the map with jetpacks. The current build features a 'Treasure Hunt' mode that involves filling up your vacuum's cannister, emptying it at a 'Dumpy' to collect stars and winning the match after securing ten.

Detailed on the App Lab page, Suck It! will introduce more features soon. Planned additions include a 'Zen Mode' for less competitive gameplay, new maps, unrevealed gameplay modes and more cosmetic avatars/vacuums to pick between.

Here's an official description from ForeVR:

Suck It! is the ultimate intergalactic vacuum simulator. Suck up coins, bananas, the cat, the sofa… level up to grow as big as a house! Capture stars and head to the teleporter to claim your win! Fire the contents of your canister at anyone who gets in your way.

ForeVR Suck It! is available now in open beta on SteamVR and the Meta Quest platform via App Lab.

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