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Flying EYE Is A 360-Drone That Broadcasts In 6K Resolution

Flying EYE Is A 360-Drone That Broadcasts In 6K Resolution

360 cameras and drone technology are advancing at an incredible rate. While VR headsets are just now starting to offer 4K resolution in experimental capacities, we’ve seen double that in some cameras and drone setups. One latest example, the Flying EYE from 360 Designs, offers a staggering 6K resolution for broadcasting at up to five miles of distance.

“We wanted to create a broadcast quality live 360 drone platform for professionals, so they can create stunning live VR productions, with or without the drone in shot,” said Alx Klive, CEO of 360 Designs, in a prepared statement.

The company developed their own custom “wireless transmission system” they’re referring to as Breeze™ that enables broadcasting live 360 streams anywhere in the world at “ultra-high” quality. This system can also be used for live 2D wireless transmission, at what the company is calling “greater than UHD” resolutions. That includes Facebook, YouTube, and direct to VR headsets. Applications for bird’s eye views at sporting events and music concerts seems clear.

The drone is designed to carry 360 Designs’ Mini EYE 3, but is also compatible with other 3-camera HDMI or SDI VR rigs and can be fully operated with just one person. The Flying EYE is fully customizable and will broadcasts with a professional-grade 6G SDI output (4K), 6K NDI, or, 6K H.265 (HEVC). The cameras are housed in a popular DJI Matrice 600 series commercial UAV.

According to 360 Designs, the drone will debut at NAB 2017 and is listed on the company’s website with a price point of $75,000 — this is not a low-level consumer device, it’s very much built and designed with high-level professionals as the target demographic.

What do you think about the Flying EYE? Does the high resolution seem the most appealing, or the long-range broadcasting capabilities? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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