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FitXR Reveals Slam, A New Gaming Studio Built for Mixed Reality


Fitness platform FitXR announced Slam, a new gaming studio built for mixed reality.

Marking the seventh FitXR studio, Slam is described as "an active game rather than a fitness studio" that uses MR passthrough across your physical space. Playable with or without controllers, FitXR describes Slam as "HIIT but more gamified," recommending 10ft x 10ft of space for the best experience.

Slam currently offers two modes. 'Timed Mode' involves hitting as many cues as possible within a time limit with adjustable difficulty, duration and music, while 'Survival Mode' gives you three lives and gradually increases the challenge by reducing the available time for hitting cues.

“During our R&D testing we found ourselves coming back to Slam over other usage cases because with Slam we were able to transform your entire space in a way that makes fitness as fun as possible," says Sam Cole, FitXR CEO in a prepared statement, who explains Slam's inspired by activities like the Beat Test or Dodge Ball from physical educations class at school.

Continuing further, Cole believes that MR offers a "transformative shift" for XR fitness since you can interact with both your surroundings and third party equipment. “The learning curve with MR is much more gradual and it’s easier to pick up when you can see your surroundings. The experiences are far more intuitive in MR and it’s a great way for first time users to experience VR.”

FitXR is available now on the Meta Quest platform and Pico, priced at $12.99 a month.

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