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Firewall Zero Hour On PS5: Faster Loads, Increased Fidelity

Firewall Zero Hour On PS5: Faster Loads, Increased Fidelity

First Contact Entertainment confirmed that Firewall Zero Hour will offer PS5-specific improvements when playing the PSVR game on a next generation console.

As confirmed by Sony earlier this week, some PSVR games’ specific features will see improvements when played in backwards compatibility mode on PS5. We already know that PSVR exclusive Blood & Truth will feature a higher resolution and higher framerate on PS5, and now we have details for another PSVR exclusive — multiplayer FPS game Firewall Zero Hour.

Developers First Contact Entertainment put out a tweet with a video that details the improvements coming to Firewall on PS5.

The text from the end of the video, detailing the changes, reads as follows:

Firewall Zero Hour played on PS5 offers reduced load times and improved visual fidelity resulting from an additional increase in supersampling pixel density from what is currently offered on PS4 Pro. 

Firewall Zero Hour launched on PS4 for PSVR in 2018, and has continued to receive content updates ever since. The game recently entered its fifth competitive season, which added loads of new content and a brand new map as well.

It’s an interesting time for PSVR players — while almost all PSVR games will be playable and compatible with the PS5 using backwards compatibility, you do need to register to receive a free camera adapter before you can start playing. You can read our review of the PS5, from a VR perspective, here.

It seems like a PSVR 2 hardware refresh for PS5 is unlikely to come next year, but more recent comments seem to hint that there may be something in the works for further down the line.

Will you be playing Firewall on PS5? Let us know in the comments.

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