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Firewall Ultra Gets Two New Maps - Watch The Walkthroughs Here

Firewall Ultra Lab and Stronghold map

Firewall Ultra receives two new maps in its latest update.

Developed by First Contact Entertainment, Firewall Ultra has continued receiving a steady stream of updates following its rocky launch. Now onto Patch 1.12, this latest update adds two new locations. 'Lab' is described as a Northern European research facility that’s been evacuated after a containment breach, and you can watch the video walkthrough below.

There's also 'Stronghold,' which First Contact describes as being a military compound flanked by wildfires. Just like Lab, you find a tour available for Stronghold below:

Alongside general bug fixes, Patch 1.12 also makes balancing changes to the tactical shooter, like reducing the Lightweight perk speed boost and increasing Conditioned perk resistance. Payouts for Black Road Assignments have also been increased, while updates are promised for AI behaviour in PvE.

We had mixed opinions in our Firewall Ultra review, though we didn't consider this a final verdict due to Ultra's live-service nature. While we believed the Firewall Zero Hour sequel's PvP and co-op Exfil mode "can still be tense and exhilarating with the right team," we also criticized its "frustrating UI and design decisions" alongside the in-app pricing structure.

Firewall Ultra is available now exclusively on PSVR 2.

Firewall Ultra Review: Tense Tactical Shooter Mired By Bugs & Baffling Design Choices
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