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Finger Gun Receives Major Update On Quest 2, Adding New Game Modes And Difficulties

Finger Gun Receives Major Update On Quest 2, Adding New Game Modes And Difficulties

A big update for Finger Gun launches today on the Meta Quest platform. Called the ‘Long Road Update’, it introduces three unlockable game modes, new difficulty settings and improved hand tracking. 

Developed and published by Miru Studio VR, Finger Gun is a western-themed first-person shooter, designed to work exclusively with hand tracking on the Quest platform. Following a Kickstarter campaign in 2020, Finger Gun launched on Quest this June, and Long Road marks its first major post-launch update. You can see this in action through the trailer below.

Notably, this update introduces three new difficulty settings. Named Explorer, Bounty Hunter, and Hardcore, they alter your overall health, how quickly it regenerates and the number of enemies you’ll be going up against. There’s also three new modes, adding options for 90°, 180° and 360° gameplay. Miru Studio claims these options “expand the game’s progression depth” by letting players choose based on their play style. More minor features, like a new health card, are also included. 

Finally, in preparation for Quest 2’s upcoming Hand Tracking 2.1 update, Miru states that Long Road improves Finger Gun’s existing tracking algorithms. “Thanks to feedback from the players, we have been tweaking the way we detect certain gestures since release,” Miru advised in a prepared statement. “The Long Road Update offers the best version of the tracking quality so far, and we only expect it to get better with Hand Tracking 2.1.” 

Finger Gun is available now on the Meta Quest platform through App Lab for $14.99. A PC VR version via Steam was promised during the Kickstarter campaign, but there have been no updates on its status since then. We reached out to Miru Studios for clarification on the PC VR version and will update the story if we receive a response. 

Update: Miru Studio says it has not confirmed a PC VR version of the game yet, but states that ports to other platforms are in the works. 

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