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10 Finalists For NVIDIA's AR/VR GTC Competition Have Been Chosen

10 Finalists For NVIDIA's AR/VR GTC Competition Have Been Chosen

In early March, we wrote about the upcoming GTC 2017 event and NVIDIA’s incredible opportunity for up to 10 companies or teams. Not only would those teams be able to showcase their non-gaming VR/AR creations to onlookers keen on seeing the ideas that represent significant steps forward in computing technology, they’d have an opportunity to win $30,000 and other prizes as well.

The submission process for the opportunity has closed and a whopping total of 120 startups applied to be a part of the contest. Of those included, 10 from that group have been chosen and are as follows:

  • Cavrnus Inc
  • Doghead Simulations
  • FundamentalVR
  • Funique VR
  • Kalloc Studios
  • Nurulize, Inc.
  • Opaque Media Group/Opaque Space
  • Sheencity
  • Theia Interactive
  • von waldkirch

All accepted applicants cannot have exceeded $5 million in total capital for their creations, so NVIDIA is giving this opportunity to teams with well-developed ideas that are right on the verge of being more fully realized tools and apps. Whether they win the prizes and cash, all 10 of these entities have a great shot to increase exposure and capture the interest of suitors as they move forward with development.

The competition starts on May 9th at 3:30 PT and attendees will be able to see exhibits from all 10 teams on May 11th in the GTC exhibit hall. If you wish to attend GTC, registration for passes is still available but will end on May 6th so jump on it quickly.

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