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Felix & Paul Studios Brings More Great 360-Degree Films To Oculus Quest

Felix & Paul Studios Brings More Great 360-Degree Films To Oculus Quest

Felix & Paul Studios is the group behind some of the best 360-degree capture systems and highest quality productions ever made, and you can now view many of those projects on Oculus Quest.

Two apps from the group launch today on Quest with a Felix & Paul Studios Portal and a Jurassic World Portal. The main app launches with Strangers with Patrick Watson — one of the first 360 projects experienced by many who had the earliest Gear VRs — as well as a visit to the White House with former U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The app gives the option to either download or stream the video with more of Felix & Paul’s catalogue launching through the app in the coming months. The Jurassic World Portal offers access to an up close encounter with dinosaurs from the movie series.

Previously on Oculus Quest the Felix & Paul project Traveling While Black showed a look at “the long history of restriction of movement for black Americans and the creation of safe spaces in our communities.” There’s a link to that film from the new portal as well as teases to future content being brought to Quest soon from the studio. That includes their surreal captures of Cirque du Soleil that put the viewer at the center of the performance, as well as captures set aboard the International Space Station. Some of the projects will be included in the main portal in the coming months while others will get their own app.

According to the group, other upcoming projects coming to Quest in the coming months include:

  • Nomads​, a 3-part series with directors’ commentary, following some of the last Nomadic cultures in the world; Yak Herders in the Mongolian steppes, Masaai in Kenya and Sea Gypsies living off the coast of Borneo
  • LeBron James – Striving for Greatness​, an experience that transports the viewer in the heart of the NBA superstar’s intensive pre-season training
  • Marshall from Detroit​, ​where you take a surreal ride on a cold winter night with Sway Calloway and Eminem himself.
  • Gymnasia​, a ​ground-breaking interactive stop-motion animation between the National Film Board of Canada, Felix & Paul Studios and Clyde Henry Productions.

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