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FCC Filing Offers Possible First Look At Samsung's New 360-Degree Camera

FCC Filing Offers Possible First Look At Samsung's New 360-Degree Camera

In August last year Samsung released the Samsung Gear 360 Camera. This small little sphere came complete with dual fisheye lenses and a small tripod. It was the perfect introductory gadget for those looking to capture the world around them in 360 degrees. We may now have our first look at what a follow-up product could be.

According to an FCC filing from Samsung, a new 360-degree camera looks to be in the works. The document is of course heavy on details pertaining to the camera’s wireless capabilities and one section in particular is meant to show the distance between the unit’s dual antennas, but it also may provide the first image of Samsung’s new device.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.52.41 PM

The new design seems to be forgoing the original Galaxy Gear 360’s easily recognizable tripod style. This camera, however, looks like it might be designed with handheld photography in mind. The Gear 360’s dual fisheye lens design appears to repeated in this potential new model as well.

Samsung will be holding its Unpacked event in New York and London in two weeks. Unpacked is traditionally a place where Samsung makes new product or upgrade announcements. We’d guess one of those announcements will be a new 360-degree camera that resembles the one pictured above.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 camera currently retails for $299. Samsung is also the manufacturer of the $99 Gear VR headset and recently revealed a new model of that device as well. We will be bringing you live coverage of Unpacked on March 29.

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