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Fast Travel Games CEO: Apex Construct Selling Better On PSVR Than PC

Fast Travel Games CEO: Apex Construct Selling Better On PSVR Than PC

A series of tweets from the CEO of Fast Travel Games, Oskar Burman, offers a breakdown of the sales of Apex Construct across PlayStation, Steam and Oculus.

Apex Construct released in early 2018 as a great “full” VR game on the three storefronts supporting 6DoF motion controllers. Across three tweets this week, Burman broke down the sales ratio since launch. Here are the tweets condensed into a single block of text:

So, this is the current split in Apex Construct sales: PSVR: 58% Steam: 23% Oculus Store: 19%. Playstation has taken an even bigger share since last time I shared numbers, which is what to expect considering indications of strong PSVR sales in 2018. But the VR market as a whole is clearly growing too. December was one of the best months ever for Apex, so my guess is a bunch of people found a new VR HMD under the christmas tree in 2018

We confirmed this data covers sales since launch and Burman said that the share of PlayStation buyers grew over the course of the year. A similar tweet by Burman from May offers a snapshot of the sales to that time:

With more than half of buyers on PSVR now it is clear how important Sony’s headset has been to the game’s sales, but the breakdown also makes clear that PC-based headsets are nearly as important when taken altogether.

“We’ve had quite linear user growth over time, which again I think is due to overall market growth, and hopefully also because we keep supporting the game with new patches,” Burman wrote in a message to UploadVR.

Burman confirmed that December was the second best month for sales of the game after its initial launch — a strong indicator that lots of people got VR headsets for the holidays.

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