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Europe PSVR Bundle Gives You Farpoint For Free...But No Aim Controller

Europe PSVR Bundle Gives You Farpoint For Free...But No Aim Controller

A new bundled deal for Sony’s Playstation VR headset is currently being offered in Europe that brings you one of the system’s hottest games…but without the key accessory that makes it enjoyable.

Farpoint is a first person shooter that released this week for the PSVR. The game is a fairly straightforward sci-fi shoot-em-up with just enough atmosphere, plot and interesting visuals to keep things moving. However, the real secret sauce in Farpoint’s video game cheeseburger is the PlayStation Aim controller.

The Aim is essentially the latest evolution of the old Nintendo Zapper. It’s clever form factor gives you the tactile feel of holding a rifle when you’re inside your headset while also having enough joysticks and buttons in the right places to make basic gameplay feel natural. The Aim is an essential part of what makes Farpoint enjoyable and, as our review pointed out, trying to muddle through it with a standard DualShock 4 is outright frustrating.

Farpoint was the first game to ever use Aim when they both debuted at last year’s E3 conference and the two have been something of a package deal ever since…literally.

Currently, you can only buy an Aim controller in Europe as an €80 bundle with Farpoint itself. However, the newly announced PSVR/Farpoint bundle does not include this specialized controller. This means that if you want to buy this bundle and also play Farpoint to its fullest potential you would have to pay more to purchase an additional copy of the game with the Aim bundle.

The new bundle will be available starting today. You’ll be allowed to either receive a free copy of the new shooter with your PSVR or else chose to receive €30 off of the full bundle that includes the Aim controller. We strongly recommend our readers take the latter option if they want their gaming experience to be as successful as it can be.

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