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'We're Finally Done': The Final Major Update To 'Fantastic Contraption' Is Live

'We're Finally Done': The Final Major Update To 'Fantastic Contraption' Is Live

Creative platforms across the board have become mainstays in the virtual reality ecosystem and stand as some the most straightforward ways to get an understanding of how dynamic the VR space can be. Fantastic Contraptions is one of the more high profile examples that we reviewed back in April of last year, giving it high marks with an 8 out of 10 and recognizing it for its challenging puzzles, utilization of cutting edge ideas, social integration, and more. Since launch, Northway Games in partnership with Radial Games has released some major content additions like the one that added seated play, and now it seems they’ve released their final update. In an email, developer Sarah Northway wrote “1.6.0 will be our last major update to the game. We’re finally done!”

Announced on their blog, Northway Games has put a major new feature into the hands of players: The level editor. In December we got our hands on the feature and came away pretty impressed. With a game that already has solid social interaction, adding a tool for people to add their own flavor to Fantastic Contraption could only be a boon if executed well. It is called the Anti-Oppenheimer Update (1.6.0) and the world creation toolset it includes has been planned from the very beginning.

The editor itself, which is accessed by putting on a mask inside the dark world, is just as innovative and responsive as the core game. The Northways even created a neat flying keyboard named Lippy that you can call into the dark world and use to name your different levels and contraptions. Lippy can also be moved over to the save table so you can search for specific items by name. In addition, you can ring a bell while editing to have Switch the Dog seamlessly change from build scale to test scale so you can get a better perspective on what you’re putting together.

Fantastic Contraption is available on Steam for Rift and Vive for $29.99 but is also available in the Oculus store for a few bucks cheaper at $26.99. The game will also be coming to PS VR this Spring.

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