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Facebook: More Than 20 Oculus Quest Titles Have Passed $1 Million Revenue Mark

Facebook: More Than 20 Oculus Quest Titles Have Passed $1 Million Revenue Mark

In a blog post kicking off their Game Developers Showcase this week, Facebook revealed that more than 20 Oculus Quest titles have surpassed $1 million in revenue on the Quest platform alone.

The official statement on the Oculus blog post reads, “More than 20 titles have passed the $1M revenue mark on Quest alone—a trend that promises to continue as even more people join the VR community.”

This latest statistic is one of many that continue to indicate that many developers are, generally, finding success on the Oculus Quest platform. The developers of Apex Construct recently revealed that the Oculus Quest version of the game has sold more units than any other platform combined. Likewise, the Oculus Quest version of Red Matter surpassed the Rift version in sales in just one week.

The portability and accessibility of the Oculus Quest seems to have set a lower barrier of entry for potential VR users and encouraged interest from a wider audience. This is also something that Facebook implied in their blog post, stating that “90% of people who activated a new Quest over the holidays were new to the Oculus ecosystem.”

Despite indications of strong sales for the headset and its content, Facebook has struggled to keep the headset in stock over the past few months. In the lead-up and aftermath of the 2019 holiday period, the headset went in and out of stock online. More recently, the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact production and availability of the Oculus Quest and many other consumer electronics.

Also revealed today, the Oculus Quest will soon receive a new UI redesign that emphasizes immersive menus and increased multitasking capability.

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