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Facebook Connect Conference Date Set For October 28, 2021

Facebook Connect Conference Date Set For October 28, 2021

Facebook will host the 2021 edition of its “Connect” developer conference on October 28.

The event will occur virtually with more updates, like registration details, to come soon. The date was posted to the website.

Facebook typically holds its F8 developer conference early in the year for updates on tools for its existing social networking service while the “Connect” conference has been held late in the year for deep-dive updates related to the company’s ambitions in VR and AR. The conference, originally called Oculus Connect, was first held in 2014 after Facebook acquired the Oculus startup. Last year it was rebranded to “Facebook Connect”.

In previous years Connect has served as a platform for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to lay out his vision for VR and AR technology — he personally announced the unmatchable price of Oculus Quest at one of the events — while Facebook’s research experts often lay out the long-term path to technologies like codec avatars, varifocal optics, and haptic hands. Meanwhile, product leads at Facebook often host sessions to explain the tools the company plans to offer developers in the coming year.

Facebook is firing on all cylinders with Quest 2 selling soon at $299 with upgraded storage capacity and ambitions toward a “Quest Pro” device that’s likely to put more sensors inside a VR headset. The company is working on making VR headsets and eventually AR glasses a generalized personal computing platform. So Facebook Connect on October 28, 2021 will offer the world a glimpse at the company’s next steps.

Back in 2019 I wrote up a summary charting Zuckerberg’s path to the Oculus Quest and I’d recommend giving that article a read if you’re looking to catch up.

Check back with UploadVR for updates on Facebook Connect.

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