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Facebook's Oculus Celebrates 1 Year Rift Anniversary With Huge Sale

Facebook's Oculus Celebrates 1 Year Rift Anniversary With Huge Sale

A year later, Facebook just made a major hire for its VR hardware division and will be charging forward in the effort to make VR more mainstream. Also, Oculus would love for people to stop saying VR doesn’t have any games. There are plenty of solid titles across VR platforms and Oculus is celebrating its library with a 1-year anniversary sale. The sale includes more than 30 titles with up to 80 percent off and there’s also a bundle of 11 titles for $89.99 — 66% off the combined regular prices.

The Rift Anniversary Bundle ($89.99) covers a wide collection of games from outer space dog-fighting to bomb defusing. It includes the following titles:

If you already have many of the games in the bundle or simply don’t find any of them interesting, there’s still a plethora of other discounted games you could welcome into your collection. VR Tennis Online ($11.99), Radial-G ($11.99), Pinball FX2 VR ($7.99), The Vanishing of Ethan Carter ($9.99), and Time Machine VR ($11.99) are just a few you can choose from.

Whether you’re a current owner of the Oculus Rift or you’re jumping in and taking advantage of the recent price drop, there’s likely a handful of things you’d love to have in this sale. You have until April 4 before the prices go back up. Also check out Jamie Feltham’s reflection on his year with the Rift as well an interview with the very first owner of the Rift.

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