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Facebook: $100 Million+ Spent On Quest Apps In One Year & More Than 10 Titles Generated $2M+

Facebook: $100 Million+ Spent On Quest Apps In One Year & More Than 10 Titles Generated $2M+

Facebook revealed new sales figures regarding content sold through its Oculus store for Quest to mark the one-year anniversary of the standalone headset going on sale.

According to the company, people spent more than $100 million on Quest content since the headset first shipped in May 2019. Facebook also said that more than 10 titles generated more than $2 million in revenue each from Quest alone, and named Moss and Pistol Whip among the titles passing that milestone.

We’ve been closely tracking the number of apps available for Quest and to date there are more than 170 pieces of content for the headset available for direct download from Facebook’s store for the all-in-one headset. Aside from the Gear VR mobile headset it made in partnership with Samsung, the company hasn’t released the number of headsets sold for any of its consumer hardware since acquiring Oculus in 2014, so it is generally difficult to gauge the scale of the market opportunity in VR. Still, the latest sales figures from Facebook reinforce what we’ve been hearing from developers who report some of their strongest sales across any VR platform on Quest.

Facebook soon plans to accept apps to the Quest store that can be controlled with only hand movements. The new mode was added as an experiment back in December but with the v17 update to the Quest system software it’ll be a general feature of the device. The first games to launch with the feature — Waltz of the Wizard and The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets — will be updated to support hand tracking as soon as the update is fully rolled out to all Quests.

Facebook is also updating its Guardian system to alert you to objects in your play space during setup and also inviting two robust remote work apps to the Quest store in the coming months.

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