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F8 2019: Keynote Time And Schedule Revealed For Facebook's Developer Conference

F8 2019: Keynote Time And Schedule Revealed For Facebook's Developer Conference

Facebook’s developer conference gets underway on April 30 starting with a keynote at 10 am Pacific.

This is a time you should probably mark on your calendar for major VR and AR updates. We expect announcements related to Oculus Quest and Rift S. The two new VR headsets from Facebook are slated to launch this “spring” for $400 each, though Quest is a completely self-contained system while Rift S requires a costly PC to operate.

There is apparently no keynote on the second day of the F8 developer conference. This makes it very likely we’ll get major updates on the company’s VR and AR efforts during the April 30 keynote. You can check out the full schedule here. Below are some of the VR and AR sessions which will be held during the event.

All times are Pacific:

April 30

12:30 pm: Storytelling Across Pioneering Platforms

In the newly formed landscape around augmented and virtual reality, storytelling is becoming more personalized, immersive and interactive. How are creators adapting storytelling forms across these two very different pioneering formats? In this panel discussion, discover what top creators have learned so far and what they’re excited about in the future. Speakers: Yelena Rachitsky / Facebook

1:30 pm: Spark AR Outlook: Inspiring Creation and Exploration

Join us for a sweeping look at Spark AR Studio, ranging from powerful new creation features and capabilities, to improved controls for managing and distributing AR experiences across Facebook’s family of apps. In this session, we will also discuss how the Spark AR platform is quickly evolving and opening up exciting new uses cases for businesses and consumers. Speakers: Michael Slater / Facebook, Matt Hanson / Facebook

3:40 pm: AR Music

Join us as we demonstrate and discuss how new audio understanding tools enable creators to expertly pair AR effects with sound to open up fun and meaningful new ways for people to express themselves and connect with others through music. Speakers: Tom Goldsmith / Facebook

4:30 pm: Getting Things [Virtually] Done: The Measurable Value of VR for Enterprise

Join the Oculus for Business team to hear how virtual reality is helping companies around the world drive greater employee engagement, increase ROI, and improve efficiency through training, collaboration and much more. You’ll get an exclusive first glimpse at our latest developments, as well as expanding opportunities for developers and brands. Speakers: Isabel Tewes / Facebook, Andrew Mo / Facebook

May 1

2:00 pm: Unlocking the Future of WebXR

In this session, we’ll share how Facebook, Oculus, and React 360 are empowering web developers and content creators to build more engaging and immersive WebXR experiences. Learn how to seamlessly extend your reach from VR ecosystem to the mobile Facebook feed. Speakers: Jacob Rossi / Facebook

2:05 pm: Spark AR for Places and Spaces

In this session, see different methods and uses cases for AR experiences that are connected to real-world locations, environments, or objects. Attendees will review a mix of Spark AR-enabled activations, including entertainment venues, museum exhibits, and retail shopping, and the value these executions can unlock for businesses and consumers. Speakers: Campbell Orme / Facebook

2:25 pm: Spark AR for Shopping

Dive deeper into design considerations for AR shopping and commerce. Learn how Facebook is extending the success of social commerce and enabling stronger personalization features and AR experiences for consumers through virtual try-on, tryout and more. Speakers: Andrea Alam / Facebook


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