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Solve Adventure Puzzles In Upcoming VR Game Eye Of The Temple

Solve Adventure Puzzles In Upcoming VR Game Eye Of The Temple

Eye of the Temple is an Indiana Jones-esque VR game that sees you solve puzzles using just your physical body, a whip, and a torch – and frankly, what else would you need when exploring a treacherous ancient temple?

We originally covered the game when it was first unveiled early last year. The game is clearly lovingly inspired by classic adventures movies – even with the temple setting aside, your avatar uses a whip and a torch while also wearing a fedora… One might say it looks suspiciously like the previously mentioned 70s era adventure movie protagonist you might have heard of before.

But that’s not the main focus of the game – what makes Eye of the Temple unique is that you won’t need to use any controller buttons during the experience. It’s a roomscale experience that sees you “keep your balance as you step from one moving block to another, dodging traps and solving puzzles with your torch and whip in hand.” You won’t have to press any buttons at all, just use you hand and body movement, which should make it a super easy game for anyone to pick up if they have the space.

There will even be a speedrun mode for those who have mastered the game and want a bit more of a challenge as they keep their balance from block to block.

The game will launch at some point in 2020 on PC VR headsets, including Index, Rift, Vive, and Windows MR. There’s no word on Quest or PSVR versions of the game just yet. However, given that you don’t need to use any controller buttons, this game would be a perfect fit with the Quest’s upcoming hand tracking update in 2020.

Eye of the Temple is available to wishlist on Steam now, for a planned 2020 release.

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