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Eye Of The Temple Room-Scale VR Platforming Comes To Quest 2 ‘Soon’

Eye Of The Temple Room-Scale VR Platforming Comes To Quest 2 ‘Soon’

Eye of the Temple, a room-scale VR platformer, will make a surprise leap onto Quest 2 soon.

Initially released for PC VR, Eye of the Temple comes from solo developer Rune Skovbo Johansen, who is collaborating with Salmi Games for the Quest 2 port. Requiring a minimum play area of 2m x 2m, this Indiana Jones-style adventure sees you exploring ancient temples, dodging traps and solving puzzles. Instead of artificial locomotion or teleporting, movement is entirely physical. You can read the full description below:

Eye of the Temple is a VR adventure that will take you on a daring journey through a treacherous temple. As you attempt to uncover the legend of the Eye, you’ll step between moving blocks (don’t lose your balance!), dodge hazardous traps, and solve environmental puzzles. What mysteries will you uncover with just a torch, a whip, and your wits?

“A lot of the game’s visuals, such as the lighting and water effects, had to be reimplemented from scratch in order to retain the same aesthetic on the lower-powered hardware,” says Johansen in a prepared statement, who continues detailing the technical challenges involved in this Quest 2 port. “We also had to create our own manual occlusion system to supplement the engine’s built-in solution in order to support the game’s expansive world.”

There’s no pricing details or confirmed release date yet for Eye of the Temple, but its “coming soon” to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. A PC VR version is available now on Steam, and you can check out our preview impressions from 2020 to learn more.

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