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Extreme Escapes Looks Like A Highly-Interactive VR Puzzle Game

Extreme Escapes Looks Like A Highly-Interactive VR Puzzle Game

If you’re a fan of VR games designed around making you push, pull, and tinker with things, Extreme Escapes looks like it was made for you.

Some gameplay from our upcoming Quest game “Extreme Escapes” from r/oculus

From Immersion VR, the same developers behind The Ancients, Extreme Escapes is an upcoming VR puzzle game that will support “all major headsets.” The footage shown above on Reddit is from the Oculus Quest version, but tethered headsets like the Rift S will have “better visuals” according to the developer on Reddit.

What’s notable about the brief bit of gameplay, other than the obviously impressive visuals, is just how interactive everything is. You can see the player reaching out and touching with tons of objects in the environment. It looks like a fiddler’s paradise in that floating contraption. For more, you can see this three-month old beta gameplay video too.

Stylistically I’m getting strong Red Matter vibes, which is certainly a compliment for the artists on the project, and gameplay looks a bit like an expanded and more free-form version of I Expect You To Die.

If puzzles and escape games are your jam, then you definitely need to keep an eye on The Room VR: A Dark Matter, which releases later this month on all major VR platforms. Check out our hands-on and interview right here for more on that one.

We don’t know a release date yet for Extreme Escapes, nor do we have any other concrete details, but the footage looked too promising to ignore. We’ve reached out to the developer for more details and will follow-up with more coverage when we hear back.

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