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Expansion VR Mixes Deck Building With Real-Time Strategy On Quest & PC VR

Expansion V

Expansion VR brings a sci-fi auto battler RTS with deck-building mechanics to Quest and PC VR.

Developed by Plazma Studio, Expansion VR first appeared this month on Quest App Lab before last week's Steam release. Featuring a single-player PvE mode and competitive PvP multiplayer across several maps, Expansion VR lets you control a space warlord from one of three different factions, fighting for resource control in the newly colonized celestial realms.

Each faction offers different strategic options, detailed above in the extended gameplay overview. Privateers are described as skilled mercenaries who excel in long-range combat, Miners are "versatile pioneers" with industrial expertise, while the powerful Pigdogs deliver strength in numbers.

"More features are planned for the final version of the game, including a story campaign, a dedicated co-op mode, new maps, unit customization, daily challenges, and much more," says Plazma Studio.

Expansion VR is available now on Quest App Lab and Steam Early Access, while a Pico version is "coming soon."

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