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The Exorcist: Legion VR Gets Quest 2 Graphics Update With 90 Hz

The Exorcist: Legion VR Gets Quest 2 Graphics Update With 90 Hz

The developers of The Exorcist: Legion VR deployed a major graphics update for Quest 2 owners.

The latest version of the horrifying demon-fighting game from developer Wolf & Wood supports a 90 Hz refresh rate on Quest 2 as well as improved physics and textures, enhancing lighting and resolution, as well as upgraded animations, according to producers Fun Train. While all the graphical improvements should make for a better experience, the increased frame rate in particular should make for an overall much smoother experience in VR.

We rated the game very highly in 2018 and it is one of the top five horror games you can play on Oculus Quest. Now that it is running with improved graphics at 90 Hz on Oculus Quest 2 it should provide one of the scariest — and most visually impressive — horror experiences on the standalone headset. Here’s the overview section of the release notes as published by the developer:


Massive texture update, improved resolution, shaders and lighting

Quest 2 90hz update

New animations, texture effects and scaled resolution on all demons

Improved physics interactions and ported in the PC version of the Torch in Chapter 5

The Exorcist is told through five individual stories which bring you face to face with a variety of demons as you use various tools to unlock the respective mysteries in each event. The game comes with cross-buy enabled so if you’ve already purchased it on the Oculus Store for Rift it should be in your library for Quest, and vice-versa. You can check out The Exorcist: Legion VR on the Oculus store right here.


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