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EVE: Valkyrie Officially Announced for Vive in 2016

EVE: Valkyrie Officially Announced for Vive in 2016

According to a recent Tweet from the official EVE: Valkyrie Twitter account, the game will be seeing its debut on the HTC Vive later this year in 2016:

Congratulations to HTC & Valve on launch! We’re excited to confirm #EVEValkyrie is coming to #Vive in 2016.

— EVE: Valkyrie (@EVEValkyrie) April 5, 2016

Previously, EVE: Valkyrie was only confirmed for the Oculus Rift where it was a bundled launch title (and a very good one at that) and the PlayStation VR. Now, it seems that the AAA spaceship dog fighting experience will grace all three of the major VR platforms before the end of the year. In EVE: Valkyrie, you pilot one of several different sci-fi ships as you blast around the galaxy, chasing enemies, and avoiding fire. It’s a multiplayer focused combat game and is easily one of the most beautiful games out there for VR and does a remarkable job of truly capturing the sense of scale and presence you’d expect from a big-budget VR game.

Some players that have spent time with the Rift version aren’t fans of the microtransactions, but it didn’t seem intrusive to me during my review of the game. Whether or not CCP will utilize Valve’s unique motion controllers for EVE: Valkyrie remains to be seen, but my gut is telling me no. The PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift versions are both optimized for gamepads (although you can use a flight stick on the Rift if preferred) so it would likely involve a lot of work to completely retool the input method to accommodate dual motion controllers.

EVE: Valkyrie on the HTC Vive will arrive on the platform at some point later in 2016. For more details on the game itself, read our review here and watch the review in the video above.

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