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Eternal Starlight Puts An Ender's Game Twist On VR Tactical Strategy

Eternal Starlight Puts An Ender's Game Twist On VR Tactical Strategy

Strategy games fit VR wonderfully. The sense of scale afforded when the camera zooms out such as in Brass Tactics or when you move units around a 3D galactic war zone like in Tactera is unlike anything else.  Eternal Starlight is an upcoming VR tactical strategy game from developer White Noise that aims to put you in the shoes of a commander orchestrating his/her fleet from a distance, similar to Ender’s Game.

Eternal Starlight features over 100 unique ship systems to acquire including 20 capital class vessels. Similar to other “God view” VR games, you move through the map by grabbing and dragging yourself and then you can zoom in and out further by pinching and pulling the world, similar to how you’d zoom on a smartphone screen.

Visually the art style looks like a cross between classic space-based strategy games and the more polygonal art style we’ve seen used in VR often. White Noise took inspiration from modern day MOBAs and strategy games to build Eternal Starlight, so combat is always active and fast-moving.

The concept looks similar in some ways to MoonStrike, another VR RTS, but Eternal Starlight seems to have expanded the scope a bit. You’re not just thrown into battle and a good chunk of playtime actually takes place from inside the cockpit of your ship before you go into battle. Notably, it’s also currently listed as single-player only game.

Eternal Starlight is currently slated for the incredibly honest release window of “When It’s Done” on Steam for Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets. You can find more details on the Steam page, Twitter account, and official website. 

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