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Espire 2 Gets Public Matchmaking This Week On Quest 2

Espire 2 Gets Public Matchmaking This Week On Quest 2

Digital Lode confirms Espire 2 will receive update 1.3 later this week, which adds public matchmaking to the stealth action game on Meta Quest 2.

Following a co-op voice chat update last month, Digitial Lode didn’t wait long before moving onto the next big Espire 2 feature. Outlining its plans last weekend, the developer confirmed that public matchmaking arrives early this week in update 1.3, calling it “our most requested community feature.” However, it’s currently unknown if update 1.3 includes any smaller changes, such as further bug fixes.

Published by Tripwire, Digital Lode’s Espire 1 sequel introduced a new single-player campaign back in November, alongside a secondary campaign with co-op support. Update 1.1 followed shortly after launch which added campaign polish and bHaptics support, whereas update 1.2 introduced co-op voice chat and “improvements to AI and other quality-of-life issues, addressing bug fixes and stability” last month.

Thanks to the Espire 2 2023 roadmap, we know there’s still plenty more to come. In Q1 2023, new single-player levels called ‘Espire Ops’ with weekly developer challenges were previously confirmed alongside public matchmaking. Q2 2023 promises further co-op missions and a hardcore difficulty, while Frame skins and weapons variants will arrive at an unspecified time later this year.

Espire 2 is available now on the Meta Quest platform for $29.99. Digital Lode confirms it’s coming to “new VR platforms” later this year, though no specific platforms have been confirmed.

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