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Escape Simulator VR Meets PowerWash Sim In Today's DLC

Escape Simulator: PowerWash Simulator DLC

Escape Simulator VR meets PowerWash Simulator in a new DLC crossover, and it's out now on Steam.

Announced two weeks ago, Escape Simulator VR is turning the PowerWash Simulator VR garage into a "mind-bending" escape room. Armed with familiar power washing tools, you're tasked with cleaning away this room to uncover clues, letting you play alone or with up to seven other players in online co-op. This also includes a new rock soundtrack and new 3D props for building your own garage.


We went hands-on with the DLC before today's launch. It adds a room where you’ve got to clean everything up to escape, which we all sort of wish we could apply to our kids. The result is that you need your trusty powerwasher but you have to find it first. It’s an entertaining premise that plays out well enough, but lacks some of the potential highs we were expecting. 

The controls here don’t feel as polished as we’d hope, and your grip never quite feels right on the powerwasher itself. It’s still an entertaining enough affair. There are plenty of helpful clues dotted around for you to stumble upon, and the hint machine is a useful boon for anyone unfamiliar with the base game. 

I'm not as fond of the rock soundtrack, though, which becomes repetitive if you end up trapped for too long. Still, what’s here is an enjoyable take that combines these two games. It just lacks the sparkling potential it could have achieved with a bit more water pressure.

Escape Simulator: PowerWash DLC is out now on Steam.

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Notice: This article was initially written by Henry Stockdale and published on June 14, 2024. It was updated on June 20 with DLC impressions from Jason Coles.

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