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Escape from Galaxen Pays Tribute To Classic Space Shooters On Quest App Lab

Escape from Galaxen

Escape from Galaxen pays homage to classic '80s space shooters, and it's available now on Quest App Lab.

Developed by Ramen Profitable Games, Escape from Galaxen is a nostalgia-driven VR action game with a retro design. Set in 1985, you're transported into a new world through an arcade machine, fending off an alien invasion using five different weapons inspired by real-life toys. You can see that in action below:

Detailed further on the store page, Escape from Galaxen promises 15 retro-futuristic levels with a neon aesthetic and three bosses, letting you dual-wield for both offense and defense. For more information, here's a brief description from publisher Billete Cohete:

You are transported to 1985 to take part in the exciting game of Galaxen. As you insert the coin, the arcade machine will take you into its immersive world where you'll have to fight an alien invasion using your favourite toy weapons. Defeat all your enemies and get back home before dinnertime.

Escape from Galaxen is out now on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab and SideQuest for $6.

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