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River Snapshot: Emergent VR prepares to emerge with a mobile virtual reality experience sharing program

River Snapshot: Emergent VR prepares to emerge with a mobile virtual reality experience sharing program

As a part of our ongoing mission to showcase the virtual reality industry’s hottest startups we headed over to River, Rothenberg Ventures’ new accelerator program for VR, for an inside look at (a ‘VR Snapshot’ if you will) each of the 13 companies (selected from a group of 200) in the program, before their big demo day Monday.

Emergent VR has been in stealth mode for a while now, hard at work building a platform for sharing virtual reality experiences. When we first checked in with the company in January, they didn’t even have a website live yet. Right now, the team is currently preparing for its grand reveal at Founders Field Day on Monday. We sat down to chat with Peter Wilkins, the co-founder and CTO of Emergent VR, to learn a bit more about the company and what we can expect to see Monday.

Who is Emergent VR?

We’re a technology startup building the world’s first mobile virtual reality experience sharing platform that will enable anyone to capture and share the moments of their lives using VR.

What is your team’s background?

Our team has a strong background in computer graphics, animation, games, and 360 filmmaking.  We’ve spent our entire careers building tools to enable people to tell stories using technology, and have worked on many critically acclaimed films at companies like Disney and Dreamworks.

When did you guys start working together?

Chris and I worked together at Dreamworks Animation for several years on Academy Award-nominated films such as Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon.  We then co-founded Condition One and created the first movie for virtual reality, Zero Point, before founding Emergent.

Where are you guys at with your projects?

We’re building the first platform for VR experience sharing.  We plan on launching a closed beta this summer, so please sign up on our website.

Why is the work you are doing important?

There is currently no easy way for consumers to participate in VR content creation, until now.  By enabling everyone to capture 360 degree moments and share them, we’ll connect the world using presence.

What kind of funding have you received, and from who?

We are currently raising a seed round and are making excellent progress.

How can people experience what you are doing?

Join the our closed beta this summer at

UploadVR also learned that Emergent VR is “looking to hire sharp engineers with a passion for VR as well as UX designers.” Those interested in applying should send their resume to Be sure to stay tuned for our continuing coverage of Rothenberg’s River program as we build up to the big day Monday.

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