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Elijah Wood Working With Ubisoft on a VR Project

Elijah Wood Working With Ubisoft on a VR Project

Actor Elijah Wood is the latest Hollywood creative to get excited about the possibility of working on VR projects. Wood’s production company SpectreVision is partnering with Ubisoft “to create, develop and produce original and interactive virtual reality content.”

Little is known about the nature of the project, but Wood previously provided voice work for the Henry short film created by Oculus Story Studio. The partnership with Ubisoft is the latest example of Hollywood creatives getting more than just a little interested in what VR can offer artists and performers. Other big names include Steven Spielberg, who sits on the advisory board of The Virtual Reality Company and is directing the film adaptation of Ready Player One, and Kevin Spacey, who liked the idea behind WoofbertVR’s educational art app so much, he invested his own money into the company.

“As a longtime gamer, I’m first and foremost a fan and admirer of Ubisoft,” Wood said in a prepared statement. “So to be collaborating with them within the realm of VR is an incredible treat!”

Ubisoft has created a variety of titles and genres, including Assassin’s Creed. The company is also developing the eye-catching flying game Eagle Flight for PlayStation VR. Check out the trailer for the game below:

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