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Eleven Table Tennis To Receive Meta Avatar Support, Currently In Beta

Eleven Table Tennis To Receive Meta Avatar Support, Currently In Beta

Eleven Table Tennis is set to receive support for the new Meta avatars, allowing players to use their avatar with full upper body representation.

The feature is currently in beta testing, with no set release date. The developers gave a sneak peek at some gameplay using the new avatars in a tweet, embedded below.

Currently, Eleven Table Tennis only has very limited options for player avatars – you can choose from a selection of pre-determined heads available in-game, such as a VR headset or a cat’s face, or use the old Oculus avatars. Even when using the old Oculus avatars, there was upper body representation – your hands/paddles simply appeared as floating entities below your face and a disconnected torso.

With the new Meta avatar system implemented, players will have a full upper body and a much more customizable appearance in Eleven Table Tennis, including moving arms and hands connected to your torso. As you can see in the gameplay video, it goes a long way to making the game appear more immersive.

It’s unclear which of Eleven Table Tennis’ platforms the new avatars will come to, but Quest and Rift platforms are safe guesses at minimum. With the recent announcement that Meta avatars are now available to all Unity developers, there’s a chance SteamVR support could be on the cards as well. However, those users would be limited to a selection of 32 default Meta avatars with no customization options.

Eleven Table Tennis is also set to receive a UI overhaul, which was first teased back in October but has yet to launch. With the new year approaching, it’s looking like a nice fresh start for Eleven with an overhauled UI and avatar system on the way.

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