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Echo VR $10 'Echo Pass' With Customization Rewards Now Live

Echo VR $10 'Echo Pass' With Customization Rewards Now Live

Update (3/9/21): Season 1 of the Echo VR ‘Echo Pass’ launched today and runs until May 23 at 10:30AM PT. Find more details on the Oculus blog here.

Original (1/25/21): Facebook-owned Ready At Dawn is adding a seasonal pass to its popular free-to-play zero-g sport Echo VR.

The Echo Pass features a reward track available to all players that can be converted to a Premium pass for additional rewards. The Premium Pass costs roughly $10 in U.S. currency, or 1000 in-game Echo Points. All the rewards relate to customization and do not offer an in-game advantage. There’s no launch date yet for the new pass but a private test server opens up starting today, with the developers recommending Quest 2 to access the test version.

The rewards include new avatar options, like a Mako or Meteor Rex chassis as well as boosters, bracers, medals, emotes, emblems, banners, tints, patterns, tags, and titles. The new update expands the number of customization options available to players with a new focus on “Heraldry” that will enable players to develop an identity in-game. Bracers, for example, are a way to decorate your forearm in the game.

Seasons are expected to run for a couple months with Tier Experience Points earned throughout the season working toward the rewards before progression eventually resets when new rewards are available for the next season. Echo Points can be purchased in game in various bundles from $4.99 for 500, all the way up to $49.99 for 5450 total. Ready At Dawn plans to introduce more ways to redeem the points later in 2021.

Echo VR is one of the best Oculus Quest games and a dynamic team sport that continues to be a huge draw to Facebook’s VR headsets. We’ll be curious to see how the new features change the look of the game over time.

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