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Echo Combat Will Not Come To Oculus Quest, At Least For Now

Echo Combat Will Not Come To Oculus Quest, At Least For Now

Ready At Dawn provided an update on a potential Echo Combat port for Oculus Quest, and it’s bad news for anyone who was holding out hope.

Echo Arena launched on Oculus Quest in open beta earlier this year, and moved out of beta into full release last week. Back in May, Ready At Dawn held a poll on its Discord server to gauge interest in bringing Echo Combat over to the Quest as well, but it now looks like that definitely won’t be happening.

Given the recent release of Echo Arena on Quest, Facebook-owned Ready At Dawn provided fans with an update on the potential of Echo Combat coming to the standalone headset:

To put it simply, we are not working on bringing Echo Combat to Quest. If there are any changes in the future, we’ll let you know at that time.

So what are we working on? Right now we’re focused on new features and tools for Echo VR, some of which have been in the works for a while whereas others are newer but vital to ensuring the game is fun and welcoming for all Echo Units.

Ready At Dawn encourages players with a VR-ready PC to enjoy Echo Combat on Quest using Oculus Link, but that’s obviously no consolation to those who only own the Quest and were holding out for a standalone port.

On the other side of the VR pond, PC VR players are still holding out for any news on Lone Echo II, the bigger, longer and more involved sequel to Ready At Dawn’s Lone Echo from 2017. The sequel was scheduled for an early 2020 release as of last year, but we’ve not heard anything for a while. We’ll keep our eyes on Facebook Connect coming next week for any updates.

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