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Echo Arena Receives Update With Tutorials and Versus AI Mode

Echo Arena Receives Update With Tutorials and Versus AI Mode

Echo Arena received an update featuring basic tutorials and AI game modes.

Update: Since the time of writing, the update has been pushed back to next week due to some unforeseen bugs.

The update, titled the New Player Experience Patch, goes live this week. In a trailer for the update, Echo Games showed off some footage from the new AI modes, which allow you to play with and against AI in the arena. The video also shows some of the tutorials and training modes, that will teach newcomers to the game some of the basic moves required to get started.

Echo Arena is a staple VR multiplayer experience, with David calling it “hands-down one of the best multiplayer VR games [he’s] ever played and should be experienced by everyone with an at least passing interest in VR technology.

The game has been around for quite some time now, and recently faced some challenges when being updated to work with the inside-out tracking system of the Rift S. The game involves pushing off items around your environment, where the controllers would sometimes not be in view of an inside-out camera system.

The developers had to rethink some of their systems ahead of the Rift S’s launch, and are porting the game to the Oculus Quest. The Quest version isn’t out yet, but David got to try it at OC6, calling it “a capable port of the popular game, but certainly not a perfect translation.”

What do our Echo Arena fans think of this new update? Is anyone holding out for the Quest version? Sound off in the comments below. 

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