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You Can Now Play Echo Arena On Oculus Quest With Open Beta

You Can Now Play Echo Arena On Oculus Quest With Open Beta

Ready At Dawn opened the doors to all testers on Oculus Quest for its Echo Arena zero-g sport.

The title is much like the game described in the classic sci-fi novel Ender’s Game and was one of the best Oculus-funded competitive sports on the Rift. It holds up extremely well on Oculus Quest and we recently captured a full gameplay match while it was in an invite-only testing phase recently:

You can grab onto the walls or other players to boost yourself in directions with thrusters on your back and wrists to speed up travel around the arena. You can also punch other players in the head to stun them for a few seconds, and if you plan well you can block to stun the puncher instead.

The wireless freedom of Quest takes away worries associated with tangling in a cord or hitting an external sensor, and frees up players to focus on the game itself. You’ll want a lot of space above your head though and the largest guardian you can make for yourself to make reaching for the disc safer and easier. During online games in recent weeks I heard more than one person complaining about hitting objects in their living room because they were so into the game.

Echo Arena will be free to play and support cross-play with Rift players at some point.

Will we be seeing you in Echo Arena on Quest? Let us know in the comments what you think of the game and if you’ll be playing it.

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