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Some Early Rift Pre-orders Canceled (UPDATE)

Some Early Rift Pre-orders Canceled (UPDATE)

Oculus canceled a “small number” of Rift pre-orders today after detecting possible fraudulent activity.

Here’s the official statement UploadVR received from Oculus regarding the situation:

A small number of pre-orders were unable to be processed and as a result were canceled. Customers can contact support if they have a question about their order.

It’s a week before pre-orders start for the competing HTC Vive headset and a month before the first Rifts are slated to ship and some people began reporting today both on Reddit and the official company forums that they received cancellation emails from Oculus.

Facebook’s VR division had limited Rift orders to “1 per customer” and could only ship the device initially to 20 countries. We’re still unsure exactly what Oculus detected to make it cancel some orders, but theories include billing addresses being in unsupported countries or multiple orders placed by a single card or to a single address. According to a Reddit posting dated Jan. 6, the first day of pre-orders, the “1 per customer” limitation was still listed there the first day of orders.

Obviously, if you received a cancellation email and think your order doesn’t violate Oculus guidelines you should contact support immediately.

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Update: Statement from Oculus added.

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