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E3 2019: Ready At Dawn Is Bringing Echo Arena To Quest

E3 2019: Ready At Dawn Is Bringing Echo Arena To Quest

Ready At Dawn announced today it is bringing its Echo Arena multiplayer to Oculus Quest “in all its glory.”

During UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase, RAD CEO and creative director ‎Ru Weerasuriya revealed the popular Oculus Rift multiplayer game will make the zero gravity jump to the Oculus Quest standalone VR gaming console.

The Irvine-based studio is also continuing the groundbreaking 2017 single-player VR adventure Lone Echo with Lone Echo II for Rift and Rift S. Weerasuriya previewed the upcoming PC VR game during the showcase as it continues the close relationship explored in the original between Captain Olivia (“Liv”) Rhodes and Jack, an artificial intelligence.

“You’’ll be able to reprise your role as Jack in this story,” said Weerasuriya. “Lone Echo II really reinforces this idea that you and Liv are like family and that you and her basically will go through anything against all odds.”

Ready At Dawn is the studio behind PlayStation Portable games in the God of War and Daxter franchises and they took the jump to VR with their Echo series for Oculus headsets. The Echo games explore a variety of interactions in zero gravity with Lone Echo focused on the intimate storytelling of VR. Echo Arena is a bit like the sport played by the kids in Ender’s Game and its active gameplay makes for highly competitive matches and it is embraced by Oculus as a VR esport. Similarly, Echo Combat is a first-person shooter spin-off from Echo Arena that features gun-based shooting in zero gravity. Ready At Dawn recently announced optimiziations for the Insight tracking system deployed on Rift S as well.

With Echo games forthcoming on both of Facebook’s Oculus Touch-equipped systems, look for Ready At Dawn to lead the way in showing what’s possible with storytelling, interaction  and multiplayer on both Rift S and Oculus Quest.

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