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E3 2018: Arca's Path Will Bring Relaxation To All Headsets

E3 2018: Arca's Path Will Bring Relaxation To All Headsets

Arca’s Path is a relaxing gaze-based VR game coming to practically all major headsets.

I was a bit surprised when I arrived at the Rebellion meeting room at E3 2018 to see Arca’s Path by Dream Reality Interactive. There were no controllers at all. Can a game really be good that relies on gaze-based interaction in 2018? Based on my hands-on time with Arca’s Path, it could be great.

Arca’s Path was one of the most comfortable and relaxing experiences I’ve ever tried in a VR headset. It uses an extremely simple mechanic akin to Marble Madness. All you have to do is gaze at the path ahead to direct a ball to its destination. As you move the ball the camera (your viewpoint) follows along in a slow comfortable way.

I really didn’t want to stop after my 10 to 15 minute demo. Lots of VR experiences give me a headache — a kind of pressure building up in my temple after just a few minutes — and I feel like Arca’s Path did the opposite. It was just so serene and relaxing. I felt a little relieved afterward — like a weight had been lifted by the atmospheric music and simple mechanic of directing this ball. Even though this is gaze-based interaction, the game itself doesn’t really ask you to move your head too much beyond the area directly in front of your face. This, too, adds to the relaxing effects of the game.

Arca’s Path is coming soon to all the major headsets, but the developers aren’t talking pricing or how many levels are in the game just yet.

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