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Drop Dead: The Cabin Releases February 2023, First Gameplay Here

Drop Dead: The Cabin Releases February 2023, First Gameplay Here

Drop Dead: The Cabin releases February 2023 and we’ve got an exclusive first look at gameplay right here.

The gameplay debuted today during our UploadVR Winter 2022 Showcase, giving a first look at how you and your co-op partner will defend the titular cabin against oncoming zombies and monsters to survive through the night.

Drop Dead: The Cabin is a co-op wave shooter with roguelike twists that will ensure each attempt at escape is slightly different from the last. The stylized visuals take inspiration from nostalgia-laden media like Stranger Things, while the gameplay structure harks back to Call of Duty: Zombies, but with some fun adjustments for VR.

You can check out the first public look at gameplay in the developer update embedded above. We tried Drop Dead: The Cabin earlier this year at Gamescom and it was one of our favourite demoes from the event. Here’s a rundown of what to expect at the beginning of each run, taken from our Gamescom hands-on:

At the start of each run, you’ll only have access to limited weapons and supplies – there are doorways to other rooms and areas, but they’ll be locked to begin with. The action starts with zombies approaching the cabin from all directions, entering through broken doors or bordered windows that quickly get ripped apart. Each kill adds to a pool of points which can be used to unlock doors to new rooms inside the cabin, as well as outdoor areas in the surrounding forest. The required points become increasingly steep, but you’ll also be able to spend them on unlocking chests containing ammo, health packs and other items.

While originally scheduled for release this year, Drop Dead: The Cabin will now release in February 2023. It’s one of our most anticipated titles coming next year – keep an eye out for more news closer to release.

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